note to self: you are not 17 anymore

I’m in California at my parents’ place for a few days, and I ran a short, hilly route that I used to knock out easily in high school.

Oh my word, I struggled today. So, so much. Gasping for air, practically wheezing. And the most embarrassing runner problem of all: I had to walk. More than once.


Guess that 5-day trek in Peru didn’t do as many wonders for my lungs as I imagined. And guess I need to find some hills in Barcelona to kick my butt.

Speaking of, the Barcelona countdown is at 4 DAYS. (!!!)

And I just got an email with my apartment details for the 5 weeks of the program. Super stoked to be living 4 blocks from Sagrada Familia in the Eixample neighborhood, right off of a main tree-lined avenue. Here’s a little glimpse via Google Earth:


Can’t ya just see me jogging through those streets? ;)