pics from Thanksgiving in Barcelona

Who’s ready for some food porn?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen most of these pics, so apologies for the duplicates. I haven’t been taking my nice camera out as much as I’d like; it’s quick iPhone shots or nothing.

On Thursday, Shelby and Dawson came over for Thanksgiving at my apartment.


We enjoyed a spread of ham, cheese, bread, mashed potatoes and salad.


And I successfully made mini pumpkin pies in the toaster oven. (HOLY YUM.)

mini pies

We stuffed ourselves silly, and then somehow found more room in our stomachs for a late night dinner with Dawson’s cousin and his wife, who were visiting from Germany. We went to Paco Meralgo in l’Eixample district and sat at the bar (reservations are required for tables). It’s a place I’ll definitely take other visitors. (The bombas – deep-fried balls of meat and potatoes with a nearly spicy sauce – are a personal favorite.)

Paco Meralgo

Then, on Saturday, my new friend, Jessica, invited me to a Thanksgiving feast at her place. She hosted sixteen people and roasted four (four!) chickens. She also made stuffing, so I was basically in a carb-induced euphoria all night.

roast chicken

I loved the mix of nationalities represented: people from Spain, France, Andorra, Turkey, Italy and the U.S. They were super welcoming of me and switched back and forth between Spanish and English to help translate parts of the conversation that I didn’t catch.

group shot

I didn’t get a very good pic of the group (probably because I was too busy loading up my plate with a third helping of mashed potatoes), but you can visit Jessica’s blog for a better shot.

I did, however, get a pic of the pastel de chocolate that her friend brought for dessert. The girls erupted in a chorus of ¡Qué guay! upon seeing  it.

pastel de chocolate

After dinner (at, ahem, 1:30 am), we went to a club, and you’ll be happy (or shocked) to know that this self-confessed early bird stayed out dancing until nearly 5:00 am. The club played hip hop music on its first floor and a mix of pop and 80’s music on its second, and I pretty much loved every minute of it. (I didn’t love waking up in a foggy stupor at noon today, but I think I’m slowly adjusting to Spanish time.)

I’m learning that the holidays here are a magical time − the lights, the decorations, the parties, the get-togethers − and I’m feeling pretty lucky to be experiencing all of it.


Happy Thanksgiving from Barcelona

Shelby, Dawson and I celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday with mashed potatoes, three types of ham, cheese, bread, salad and mini pumpkin pies. It definitely felt different than home, but we made do. Tonight, I’m going to a new friend’s place for a second Thanksgiving – and crossing my fingers it includes more pumpkin-flavored goodies, as I’ve already eaten the leftovers of mine.

In honor of Thanksgiving (which fell on the 22nd this year), here are 22 things I’m thankful for (in no particular order):

1. long walks, short runs & park benches
2. new beginnings
3. kind strangers
4. cafe con leche
5. hot showers, a warm bed, cozy sweaters (things that keep me warm)
6. hot showers (again), hand sanitizer, toothpaste (things that keep me clean)
7. books, blogs & Twitter (things that keep my mind – and heart – going)
8. girl friends who support me, send me emails, call me up, check in on my Spanish adventures, collect me from the airport, let me cry, make me laugh (I’m especially looking at you, Shelby, Rachel, Jill, Tracy, Stephanie, Mary, and Emmaline, and there are so many more who have been so kind and wonderful, especially during these last few, up-in-the-air months. Thank you, friends.)
9. yoga
10. chocolate & wine & cold IPA & Jo Malone perfume (things that feel indulgent)
11. generous, patient, forgiving parents
12. perspective
13. wifi
14. music & dancing
15. my memory, selective and flawed though it may be
16. good pens, pretty notebooks
17. second chances
18. plane tickets (especially ones to Paris)
19. my flatmate
20. honesty that doesn’t depend on timing, but just is
21. sunshine
22. acceptance