it’s getting real

Can I share a little secret?

I am loving the fact that I haven’t had to step foot in an office all month.

Not working is goddamn blissful.

There! I said it!

Instead, I’ve traveled, started prep work for the TESOL certification course I’ll be taking in Barcelona, spent lovely long evenings with friends and enjoyed waking up without an alarm.

You know what’s also great about schedule-free days? I can go to the gym at whatever time suits me – and work out as long (or as little) as I want. Today I even took a yoga class. YOGA! When’s the last time I did that? (Can’t remember.)

Sigh. It feels wonderful.

I’m leaving for Barcelona in one week, and it’s all becoming oh-so-very real. Like the kind of real where I’ve broken out in giggles more than one time in the middle of the grocery store, or while sitting in my car in traffic. Not unlike this:


I’m just too silly excited to contain it.

And the kind of real where my eyes well up with tears whenever I have a Portland Moment.

Port·land Mo·ment: proper noun. A particular instant whereby I’m reminded just how quirky and significant and fucking awesome the city of Portland & its people are. Usually involves a restaurant patio, an IPA, a bicycle or a baby wearing cool shoes.

I’m going to miss Portland.

Even if I’m only gone three months.

Especially if I’m gone more than six months.

But, I’m ready to DO THIS. Bring on the Spanish wine, daily siestas, midnight strolls and Mediterranean beaches. Bring on the communication challenges, new friends and churros con chocolate.

Know anybody traveling in Spain this fall? I’d love an introduction! 


repeat after me: yoga is a good idea

Monday: speed workout (6 x 400s-ish with a warm-up and cool down)

Tuesday: yoga (On Demand)

Instead of going to the track on Monday, I jogged over to a nearby park. There’s a soft bark trail around the periphery of the park, and one loop is about a quarter of a mile. It’s gradually downhill on one half of the loop, and uphill on the other — it’s not ideal for running your best times, but it’s good practice for fighting fatigue, and it’s easy on the knees. (Something I learned from the trail race: my legs really appreciate running on softer surfaces.)

My Garmin was having trouble with its auto pause function — randomly starting up again while I rested between laps — so I don’t really trust the lap times. I completed the six loops in anywhere from 2:00 – 2:18 each. I was breathing really hard and pacing myself pretty terribly — starting out too fast and dragging by the end of the loop. Still, it’s nice to have a benchmark for the next time I run the loops.

And, big news: on the 1.5 mile cool down, I decided to tackle a hill that I used to jog in the old running days (when I only jogged every couple weeks and spent most of my time inside on the elliptical). This hill used to feel so killer. Like, I had to cut myself deals and negotiations to make it to the top (If you make it without stopping, you can get fro yo tonight. With cookie dough on top! RUN!) During the cool down, it felt like no big thing. I mean, it’s still a hill; it requires effort. But it didn’t kick my butt. Proof positive that my workouts are doing me good!

On Tuesday, I felt some tightness in my hamstrings so decided to do yoga. I’d like to find a nice (and affordable) studio, but for now I do yoga at home. (I’m embarrassingly inflexible; it’s probably a good thing that I pose in the comfort of my own living room.) I sort of have to drag myself kicking and screaming onto the yoga mat, but once I’m there, it feels pretty fantastic.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Portland’s weather forecast. (Even though I’m heading out of town later this week, I’m glad for lots o’ sun before I go.)

Portand weather

Sunshine & blue skies all week in Portland. Huzzah.