slow and easy

Wednesday’s workout: 5.8 miles, slow

I was excited to run today, but knew I wanted to take it easy. The soreness from the weekend (or, I should say, the intensity of the soreness) surprised me, and I want fresh legs for the 10K I’m running on Saturday.

blue shirt

Dorky running belt. Happy runner.

I had a bit of heavy legs/heavy mind syndrome today, but it still felt good to be out there. And I wore the Garmin, but wouldn’t allow myself to look at it. (Which is really difficult to accomplish. I just kept telling myself that I didn’t want to know how slow I was going.)

I have my Garmin set on auto pause, so it automatically stops whenever I do, like when waiting for a stoplight. On one hand, I really like this because it captures a more accurate view of my pace. On the other, it absolutely feels like cheating. If I’m stopped for 20 seconds and start back up, I’ve had time to gain my breath back. (One could argue that I’ve lost momentum, and perhaps that’s true … but, more often, it feels like I’ve just taken a happy little break.)

And it’s pretty striking how much my heart rate drops, even in those brief breaks. Take a look:

heart rate

See?? Cheater! Cheater!

When I got home, I was jonesing terribly for some protein, so made a big plate of eggs, turkey bacon and yellow peppers.



And now I’m getting caught up in the days-before-a-race excitement. :) I know I’m slow and that Saturday’s time doesn’t really matter, but it’s a starting point. Something to work to break in the next race.

What’s your favorite post-workout meal?