terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Wednesday’s workout: Muscle blast class at the gym (at 5:30 am!)

I’m exaggerating about the terrible, horrible, very bad part, but let’s settle on the no good day. I just never found my rhythm today.

I’d like to celebrate the fact that I woke up at 5:00 am (for the 4th time this month!) and headed to the gym.

[In a not-so-distant past, you couldn’t have given me money to get up that early. Well … you could’ve given me money. But you couldn’t have given me cookies. I was a hit-the-snooze-button-multiple-times-daily kind of girl. But as part of my new mantra (You’re almost 30! Get your ass in its best shape ever RIGHT NOW!), I’ve found, shall we say, a renewed sense of motivation.]

But I can’t celebrate because I’m fixated on the fact that I totally screwed up my car today. {You, idiot!!}

After the gym, I drove home. And pulled into my building’s garage … that I park in every day. Into my assigned spot … that I park in every day. But I wasn’t paying attention, and I scraped into the concrete pillar to the right of my spot. Which resulted in this:

Molly's car

Hey, car! You're already ugly. Now you're even uglier!

So that’s pretty crappy, but not atrocious. I bet it could even be buffed out fairly well. Except, of course, I started to panic. And I hit reverse, trying to correct my mistake. And thus, I totally botched the sideview mirror:

Molly's car

Oh, lovely. That's not a scuff. That's a freakin' huge crack.

My idiot 6:30 am brain apparently doesn’t have a handle on depth perception.


That just set the tone for the rest of day. I was cranky and on edge and ill-suited to deal with even the slightest bit of stressors.

I kept grumbling and sighing, and so I decided to make a shit list. Anything that even remotely bothered me? I put it on the shit list.

And guess what? The shit list is full of the silliest, most trivial nonsense. It actually started to cheer me up when I saw just how little my quibbles were.

shit list

You're fucking out of pineapple! It's a travesty!

So, yeah, let’s celebrate that I got up at 5:00 am, made my muscles burn and didn’t crash my car into anything important today.

What are you celebrating?