Happy more-than-half birthday to my blog!

Why, lookee here, I’ve been writing this blog for over six months! I think that’s a new record.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve started several blogs in the last few years, only to abandon them because they were too ambitious, too broad, too boring or simply died slow deaths. (Remember that time I blogged about my breakup, then got back together with the guy? Oy.)

Perhaps I’ve found my sweet spot now: a bit about running, a bit about travel, personal enough without airing all my dirty laundry. (Though, I have to admit, the longer I blog, the quicker I am to get more and more candid.)

So, happy day! I committed to a blog project and didn’t run away. :)

Tell me: What are you committing to these days? Are you surprised you’re sticking to it?


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