antiques and long walks: the makings of a perfect Sunday

Last Sunday, I took the train to Sant Cugat de Vallés, about 40 minutes north of Barcelona, to visit Mercantic, an antiques market of some 80+ vendors. The first Sunday of every month is delivery day, when merchants get new shipments of items, so there was tons to see, including a warehouse-sized room of international books (mostly Catalan, Castilian and French).

A collage of pics from the day:


When I got back to Barcelona, I wandered around el Born district for a couple hours – and got considerably lost, as always, in its snaky streets. I was on a mission to watch the Packers vs. Cardinals game, but none of the three sports bars I’d read up on online were showing the game. (I’ll try again for the next game, but, hell, why’s it so hard to find the NFL here?)

In fitness-related news, I found a cheap yoga studio, and it’s next door to my new building! For 30 euros/month, I can go to up to three classes per week.

I went to my first class yesterday, and it was … different. A lot slower than yoga I’ve taken in the U.S. No sun salutations or warrior poses, instead a lot of back and neck stretches. It seemed more like meditation than yoga, but I left feeling refreshed and relaxed, and that’s never a bad thing.

I’m off to squeeze a quick run in before heading to my friend, Shelby’s, for dinner. We’re craving spicy, ethnic food like no other and are cooking up a homemade feast of enchiladas and guacamole tonight.

What about you? What are you up to this weekend? Running any races?


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