the marathon that might have been

I ran for 40 minutes today … terribly slowly. It was lovely, but slow. My view looked something like this:

park by Arc de Triomphe

near the Arc de Triomphe, Barcelona. Pardon the poor composition – I was jogging & shooting.

In another life – you know, the one where I didn’t quit my job and sell all my stuff and move to Barcelona – I’d be running the Portland Marathon today.

It makes me shake my head because, well, I’m in no kind of marathon shape. In fact, I’m hardly in running shape. (Sigh.)

Back when I signed up for the marathon, I was super motivated. I’d just come off a fabulous half marathon experience, and I thought 2012 would be the year I’d become a Runner with a capital R.

I started out with good intentions to train for the marathon.

Well, hang on. Let’s back up.

I started out with moderately good intentions to train. But, even back during the days of my running highs, I wasn’t certain I’d be able to stick to the marathon training schedule.

Fast forward a few weeks when I set my sights on Spain, and my long runs started to fall by the wayside. Then, when I officially signed up for the TESOL course here, I knew I wouldn’t be in Portland on the 7th so my training all but stopped entirely.

Since then, I’m back to being a casual runner: heading out 3-4 times per week for 40 minutes each.

Speed work? No.

Hills? Barely.

Beer gut? Kind of.

IPA in Barcelona

The beer gut is pretty much worth it, though.

At the moment, running is strictly stress relief – and a way to get to know my new neighborhood (which I’ll be writing about soon). And that’s certainly not a bad thing.

But the little over-achiever in me feels like a bit of a failure. I want to be capable of running 26.2 miles today. I want to be feeling that rush of a PR. As much as my life is an adventure right now, I want to be at the Portland Marathon.

And … if I can’t be there, is it so much to ask to get my $150 registration fee back?! ;)


2 thoughts on “the marathon that might have been

  1. I saw the marathon runners from my apartment yesterday and said “That would have been Molly”. Then as I biked by them on my way to kickball, I saw that they were either barely jogging or flat out walking and I thought, “That wouldn’t have bee Molly… she would’ve kept going “.

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