bienvenidos a Barcelona

I arrived in Barcelona less than 48 hours ago!


So many sights, sounds, people, colors, shops, bars and bikes.

I can’t quite wrap my head around what my life will be like here yet, so rather than trying to piece together a coherent thought, I’ll simply share a few pictures from yesterday’s visit to the Boqueria market …

Rows of sweets:

boqueria sweets

Candied & spiced nuts and dried fruit:

boqueria nuts

Big ol’ figs:

boqueria figs

Of course, I’m already eating my weight in cheese, bread and serrano ham, and I’m discovering that the cava flows like water here.

cava in Barcelona

I do believe that tumbler of cava is the size of my head. Don’t judge.

I haven’t gone running yet, but I did walk around for nearly six hours yesterday. And if this rain ever lets up, I’ll be happy to jog in my new neighborhood and see if I can get good and lost.


Have any recommendations for places to visit in Barcelona? Do share!


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