getting back into shape (I hope)

After a summer full of parties, camping and many cocktail hours (and an upcoming very busy October), I’m looking forward to taking care of my body in September. Eating more consciously, making more room for running.

Perhaps I won’t get in super high mileages, but I do want to push myself.

I got back into the swing of things with a 6.8 mile run yesterday. It felt a little slow, but also pretty glorious.

I did a 7 mile hike the day before (at Larch Mountain), and I’ll be hiking again tomorrow. (Why, yes, it’s wonderful to not be going into the office. I’m pinching myself.)

With the extra free time I’ve got now and a trekking trip to Peru around the corner, I feel pretty freakin’ blessed.

And you’ll have to bear with me if my posts are short and sporadic these next few weeks; until I find my “permanent” home in Spain, I won’t have much dedicated online time, so I’ll be posting on an impromptu schedule.

I’ll make it up by sharing spectacular pictures, though. :) Like this one of Mt. Hood, as seen from Larch Mountain:



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