adiós los estados unidos

Recently I wrote about making big life changes, and now I’m ready to tell you mine!

In less than a month, you might find me at La Playa De Vila Olimpica:

La Playa de Vila Olimpica

picture via

Or getting lost in narrow, winding streets:

Fernando Stankuns

photo by Fernando Stankuns on flickr

This will be my commute:


photo by JasonParis on flickr

I will eat tortilla de patatas and drink cafe con leche:


Photo by minusbay on flickr

I’ll be surrounded by architecture by Gaudi:

Casa.Battló by frankartculinary

photo by frankartculinary on flickr

And this will be my skyline:


photo by CrashSunRay on flickr

That’s right, I’m moving to Barcelona. ¡Olé!

I enrolled in a program to get a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) certification, and I’ll try to find a short-term teaching position after the program wraps.

There’s no guarantee I’ll get a position (luckily, the TEFL certification is internationally recognized so I can use it anywhere, if I choose), so the shortest amount of time I’ll be gone is 3 months. If I do get a position, I’ll be able to get a work visa and stay longer (six? twelve? months, whatever I want).

Sweet, right?

And thrilling and scary and unbelievable, too.

Since I studied abroad in Seville nine years ago (woah, nine years), I’ve always said I wanted to return to Spain. I talk about wanting to live abroad, be a nomad, travel even more than I do. Become fluent in another language.

Yet … I’ve often held back. Stayed put for a job, a man, a lifestyle. And, no doubt, my lifestyle in Portland is pretty wonderful. But it’ll be here for me when I come back.

This summer, in a strangely mystical series of events, the universe revealed to me that it’s time to fucking woman-up. To quit my job, because it was no longer a fit for me. To pursue this plan, even if it’s not traditional. To take a leap, even if I don’t know what’s on the other side.

So here’s how it breaks down by the numbers:

  • In 1 day, I’m done with my job – and my apartment. (Oh, and most of my possessions. I sold a ton of stuff.)
  • In 7 days, I fly to Peru to hike Machu Picchu with my mom. (Why not throw in another epic adventure right before Spain?! My mom and I have actually been planning this trip for almost a year.)
  • In 27 days, I fly to Barcelona to start the next chapter.

And, then?

Who knows?

I’ll figure it out as I go.

And the uncertainty, surprisingly, feels really invigorating right now.

Know anyone in Barcelona? Or Spain? Do you have recommendations for places to go, things to see? Dígame, por favor. 


7 thoughts on “adiós los estados unidos

  1. Did you read Shadow of the Wind? That’s all I can think about when I’m picturing shady mysterious alleys in Barcelona!! So excited for you, dearest darling. xoxox

  2. I love your energy and how you are jumping into Life headfirst. It’s like life suddenly becomes Life, when you live it for YOU!

    I am reading a book about the Incas called “Last Days Of The Incas” by Kim MacQuarrie. Was thinking alot about Machu Picchu, even before I began this book.. That’s amazing you are going to Peru. Enjoy! Life is truly lived by taking chances, abandoning fear, while following your gut. Cheers! -Carey

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