Toss or keep?

You are surely wiser than me! Lend me your smarts & play this lil’ game, Toss or Keep? (It’s quick, promise.)


Update: I know you just can’t wait to see the results of Toss or Keep?, so I won’t keep you in suspense any longer! ;) Here’s what survey-takers suggested, and in parentheses, what I decided to do …

  • Crock pot: Toss (Keep … I realized I sort of love my crock pot)
  • Blender: Toss (Toss)
  • TV: Keep (To be determined … if I can fit it into my car without hassle)
  • Extra bath products: Toss (Toss)
  • Kind of cheap tools: Keep (Keep)
  • Ordinary art supplies: Toss (Toss/keep compromise … I’m getting rid of most and keeping a small Ziploc of some essentials)
  • Extra towels & linens: Toss (Toss)
  • Shoes that I don’t wear often: Toss (Toss/keep compromise … I’m keeping two pairs that are versatile, tossing the rest)
  • Framed art prints: Toss (Toss/keep compromise … I’ll try to pick my favorite and just keep that one)
  • Games: Toss (Keep)
  • Workout extras: Toss (Keep)

You are all a bunch of tossers! Way to help me de-clutter. You’ll notice I’m hanging onto a few more things than the majority suggested, but who knows? Maybe I’ll have a change of heart in the next five days and make another Goodwill run.

Thanks for playing! :)


2 thoughts on “Toss or keep?

  1. Quick for whom?? I couldn’t decide between keep or toss on anything other than the framed art (toss). Are you already getting a storage unit? What are the options for storing? Do you have some space, but not a lot? Does it cost more to keep these things? Oh forget it, just listen to someone else who is more decisive than I am. :)

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