Check out my new pages, won’t you? It’s getting legit around here.

Maybe you’ve heard that I’ve taken a break from running? It wasn’t planned, but I sort of jacked up my IT band at the Ragnar Relay, and I’ve been nervous about making it worse. I’ve also been, um, preoccupied with summer fun. I knew it’d be tough to stick with a marathon training schedule during the summer, but I greatly underestimated how tough.

When there are camping trips, barbecues, river floating excursions and happy hours offered up to me, I say YES. And I let my running plans slide.

Floating on the Clackamas River

Floating on the Clackamas River

For about 1.5 seconds, I felt guilty about this.

And then I let it go.

If you know me personally, you know I went through some shitty stuff earlier in the year. To put it plainly, I was dumped in a dramatic way, my social group got shaken up and I was seriously questioning my direction (in life, in love, in work, in all ways). Running was my saving grace, and I poured myself into it in a way I hadn’t in the past.

Three months in, I’d signed up for a half marathon, set my sights on the Ragnar Relay and also signed up for my first marathon (coming up in October).

I got swept up in the runner’s high and probably accelerated my training a bit aggressively. I didn’t take on too much mileage, per se, but I wasn’t mentally prepared for the commitment. (No coincidence, I guess, that this blog is called see molly run away.)

So when July & August arrived and I found myself with kickass new friends and a full social calendar, I decided not to sweat it too much. So that’s where you’ll find me today: running a little and playing a lot.

Drinks & snacks with Elizabeth & Jenny

Drinks & snacks with Elizabeth & Jenny

And in the meantime, I’m expanding my blog some. Check out my books page, where I’m sharing all 52 books that I’ve read/will read this year, plus a few all-time faves. And I’ve also got a new Portland page with recommendations for bars, restaurants and hotels in the city.

Paddleboarding on the Sandy River

Paddleboarding on the Sandy River

Think I should add any books to my must-read list? Any Portland places to my must-visit list? Let me know!


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