quick recap

Marathon training is officially underway! That is, I’m onto week 2 and haven’t thrown in the towel yet. Here’s a quick look at the past five days…

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 9.4 miles in the mixed rain/sun … The first 5 miles felt terrific; the last 4.4 were, shall we say, craptastic. I did the ol’ I’m-not-looking-at-my-Garmin-anymore-because-it’s-too-demoralizing-when-I-do routine.

Sunday: another rest day, in which I thought about doing a tempo run, then instead opted for sleeping in, drinking afternoon cocktails and going to the movies

Monday: 4 miles on the treadmill, slow

Tuesday: 5:00 am track workout! Yep, I actually hauled myself out of bed bright and early (or dark and early) and met a friend at the track. We did Yasso 800s and some 400s, for a total of 5.25 miles.

How do you get yourself to obey the alarm? Don’t give yourself any opportunities for a second wakeup call:


I’ll be back soon with a post about running hills. Namely, what counts as a hill workout? Just how tough should it be? What sort of elevation gain should you shoot for?

Do you have the answers? (Spoiler alert: I don’t.)


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