takin’ it easy

Since last week’s race, I’ve let myself have a full week of easy workouts and rest days. Between Sunday and Thursday, I did just two short runs (one for 20 minutes, the other for 45 minutes), one short session on the elliptical and two days of rest. The next days looked like this:

Friday: 2 hour hike (lots of uphill)

Saturday: nothing

Sunday: hip hop class

It’s kind of wonderful to take it easy and have a break from running, but I’m itching to push myself again.

My rest week coincided nicely with a short trip to Denver, so of course I found other things to do besides running. Namely, eating & drinking & talking & hiking & being silly with friends.

Some pics from the trip …

with Heather

Heather & I met halfway in Denver (she flew out from Nashville).

group shot

Denver friends, enjoying dinner & wine & Annie’s backyard.


Totally cheesing it up on a slide!


A gorgeous hike in Frisco, CO

hike 2

More pics from the hike

obstacle course

We found an obstacle course for children while at a street fair in Frisco. So, naturally, we had to race each other.

Now, I’m considering training for the Portland Marathon, but I’m hedging for two reasons: 1) Even though I loved the half marathon, 26.2 miles still sounds like an enormous leap from 13.1 and 2) Do I really want to be training in the summer?

Sure, the weather will be lovely, but there are also lots of distractions: barbecues, happy hours, camping trips, out-of-town trips, etc. Can I really keep up a touch training schedule through the summer? I’m not sure.

But I really want a new running challenge to look forward to.

What do you think? Should I go for it? And what about you? Are you training for any summer/early fall races?


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