First PR (sort of) of the year!

Saturday: 10K (6.2 mile) trail race at Ft. Steilacoom, near Tacoma, WA

Sunday: 3.5 mile recovery run (and kickball)

What a fun weekend. I’ve officially caught the racing bug! And I officially LOVE small races. People are super friendly and chatty, there’s lots of room on the course and, best of all, NO LINES. No lines at the porta-potties, no lines at registration, no lines at the post-race snack area. Fabulous.

I’m going to do a separate race recap in another post, but here’s a sneak peek: I PR’d (sort of — more on that later), got 11th overall, 6th woman and 2nd in my age category! (Another bonus of a small race: feeling like you’ve actually placed.) You will never see rankings like that from me again, so don’t get used to it. :)

Most importantly, I felt strong, kept a solid pace throughout and had a lot of fun.

Oh, and Jill and I ate and drank afterward (in Seattle) as if we’d run a marathon. We started with sangria and lunch at Kanape (salad, savory crepe, prosciutto baguette) then cocktails at Liberty Bar, then a short break and, later, a Cinco de Mayo feast at Poquitos (it was packed, but we got lucky and didn’t have to wait too long … then promptly ordered margaritas, queso fundido, an enormous tostada topped with grasshoppers and huge bowls of bean soup and tortilla soup).

Cinco de Mayo

Can our stomachs fit all of this food? We found a way.

Somehow we didn’t have to roll ourselves home, but I did have to undo the top button (that’s what about 6,000 calories in one day will do to you).

I stayed at Jill and Matt’s for the night, then drove back to Portland early this morning.

Seattle to PDX

How gorgeous is the drive from Seattle to Portland?

I had an early afternoon kickball game — we won, but it was *really* intense and I was super keyed up afterward. (Yes, I know it’s odd to be super keyed up from kickball, but it happens to me.) I was happy to go on a recovery run after the game; it calmed my nerves.

I did a nice and easy 3.5 miles, enjoyed the sunshine and wore my favorite socks:

best socks ever


And even though I ate for three yesterday, I still had a huge appetite today. The cure? A visit to Trader Joe’s:

TJ feast

Can you guess which item I’m most excited about? It’s the cookie butter.

How was your weekend?


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