new shoes! new shoes!

Remember when I said my new mantra was to get my ass in the best shape ever? It was a challenge this week.

Thursday’s workout: nothing

Friday’s workout: treadmill running, 35 minutes (so slow I don’t wanna tell you how many miles I did)

I planned to run after work on Thursday with a friend, but Portland decided to give us super windy, spooky-cloudy, cold, rainy weather. Craptastic. We didn’t feel like braving it. So I worked late instead, and then played couch potato. Sigh.

In more uplifting news, my Saucony Kinvara 2s arrived!

Kinvara 2

I switched out the black laces for orange. You know I like that pop of color.

I’ve been running in the New Balance Minimus for a few months, and I love them. They mimic barefoot running, and they’ve helped me clear up some form issues that I’ve been dealing with for a few years. Running in them and focusing on stretching and foam rolling has made me enjoy running again.

But, as I’ve been increasing my mileage, I started to sense that the Minimus might be a little too, well, minimal for my long runs. That is, I need a second shoe to alternate with and use on days when I need a bit more cushion/support.

Hello, Kinvara. It’s still a really lightweight shoe so it’s comfortable — I was worried about having to step up to something that’d feel like boats compared to the Minimus, but these are nice and airy and flexible. And they definitely provide more cushion.

I wasn’t in the best of moods today (man, Wednesday really put me on a downward slide this week), but I had to try these puppies out!

Kinvara 2

I have skinny legs, but they look extraordinarily chicken-y here. I blame the camera angle.

I did a short run on the treadmill in my building’s little gym, and it felt great. I felt SO much spring in my step. I think I’ve found another shoe love!


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