new spring, new goals

I’ve purged some old posts, and now I’m using this blog to track my running (and other fitness) goals. If that interests you, follow along — and let’s encourage each other. If this seems snoozeriffic, please feel free to unfollow.

Let’s smash some PRs! (Um, that shouldn’t be hard. I am pretty slow.)

Saturday’s workout:

  • speed drills* in the park
  • 12 miles bike ride (leisurely)

*Don’t get too excited (or intimidated) here. I’ve basically done zero point zero research when it comes to speed drills. I’ve promised myself I’m going to figure out a plan for getting faster, and it starts with doing things much differently than my normal, slow jog. Saturday’s drills involved broad jumps, sprints and squats (moving sideways) with a resistance band.

We saw a llama (or an alpaca?) on the bike ride!


Sunday’s workout:

  • kickball (it counts, kind of — and I caught 3 fly balls!)
  • track workout

My track workout was a mashup of ideas from various running bloggers. I did a mile warmup, then 800 meters x 5 times (these are supposed to be fast), then a mile cool down. I wanted to do a sixth 800, but was pretty gassed out. I used my phone to get split times:

  • 1st 800: 3:32
  • 2nd 800: 3:43
  • 3rd 800: 3:47
  • 4th 800: 3:36
  • 6th 800: 3:32

Clearly, I had some trouble knowing how to pace myself. But I expected that. I haven’t done these sorts of running workouts since high school. (My typical thing is to just go out and jog for 40 minutes, not paying attention to pace or distance.)

I liked the challenge of running the 800s fast (or, er, not super slow). I’ve no idea what to consider a good pace, but now I’ve got a benchmark to measure against.

And it was such a beautiful day. In the space of a week, we have flowers on the trees again!

I felt good afterward, and I liked running on a track — a nice change. Not that I’d want to do distance runs on it.

And you know what’s even better than finishing a workout? When you finish and stop by a friend’s place and he’s baking cookies. Sure, I’ll take a warm, fresh-outta-the-oven cookie (or three).

A sweet weekend for me, friends.

How was yours? Did you run/work out/play?


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